Love Made In Heaven

Do you believe in the unconditional, timeless, sacred type of love? Can love like this exist amidst a modern day culture of impatience and instant gratification? 

The Twin flame phenomenon is all about this unbreakable soul connection between two human beings. The soul split into two when it fell from its godhead (or Oversoul) eons ago and now part of the trial is to experience the pain of separation deeply enough to find their way back to each other, before merging as one again. Even though they are two halves of the same soul, they never-the-less split into two whole souls, yet still belonging to the same flame. Twin flames are referred to as half souls not because they are half souls as such, but because they are a pair that belong to one another. At a deeper level, they will always feel incomplete without the other. The heart-wrenching journey of finding a Twin and merging back as one comes with its own higher level lessons and challenges—mainly that of divine love, sacrifice, selflessness, and redemption.

Only true love can open our hearts, bring us the ultimate lesson, and teach us to move beyond body consciousness and ego. It’s only through sacrifice and love that our souls sanctify. Love, whether romantic, for our children, for the nation, or for a cause—has the power to move us from self to selflessness; to move us beyond our physical body and touch a higher consciousness.

Plato wrote about Twin Souls 2,500 years ago. Linda Goodman wrote about Twin Souls in her books decades ago, before the time of the internet. Rumi penned the essence of this kind of spiritual love in his poetry. This is the kind of love that the world has known, and witnessed time and time again, and mistook its intensity for insanity. Its origins are not studied carefully enough so this sort of love is often spurned as a romantic notion. Why does then the heart-wrenching, soul-stirring love of these lovers that we often see depicted in films and books deeply touch us?

In some way, we all relate to this sort of love, and long for it, whether consciously or unconsciously. We’ve experienced this longing for the other half now and then, we’ve searched that part of us in the eyes of soul mates around us. Those of us, who are destined to meet our halves in a present lifetime experience this deep longing and pull incredibly more than the rest of us. This is simply because if one twin has incarnated on earth at the same time as the other, both will sense it at a deeper level and always be aware of each other, no matter who they are and where they might be.

It often happens that though we sympathise with the lovers that we never meet—we are not ready to accept the same kind of love when it is seen in our own lives with friends and family. We prefer not to ruffle feathers. Instead, we choose to adhere to the norms of our society and think practically. The love that the world has tried to stop, reject and sometimes dishonour, has often ended up as a tragedy that has stirred the hearts of many and helped to raise the consciousness of the planet. Love like this will naturally face hardships and opposition because it does not belong to this world; it’s not of this world. It’s love made in heaven.

It’s rare for Twin Flames to incarnate together, so when a “medium” or some “expert” promises you to help bring your Twin Flame to you, know it is sentimental claptrap! The medium can help you validate if the person is your twin or not, and in some cases astrological alignments will indicate this connection. But no one can bring your Twin Flame to you because should you both be on earth at the same time, nothing can stop you both from finding one another. Remember, the Universe conspires for Twin Flames to meet, but only when it is the right time. Having said that, Twin Souls rarely take birth together in the same lifetime. One remains in another realm while the other is on earth. When they do take birth, it’s carefully coordinated and everything is orchestrated by their Higher Selves and Guardian Angels. Their meeting and everything in-between is synchronised because the purpose of bringing them together in one lifetime is not romantic, but spiritual.

Earth is a school, as you will often hear me say, we’re here to spiritually graduate from one grade level to the next. Only those who have reached the higher-grade levels will qualify for this final exam—that of meeting their other halves in the same lifetime. Most of us don’t have this option because it would be too intense an experience for us to handle until we’re spiritually ready.

Many people feel that they have found their Twin Flame, but most of the time they are soul mates, not Twin Flames. Soul Mates are soul family members whom we deeply love and have travelled together through many lifetimes. Soul mates can change roles in every lifetime, so may appear as a spouse in one life, a friend in another, a sibling or a parent, or even a teacher in another. These are our loved ones that we travel with through every lifetime. Soul Mates are different from Twin Flames. Over the years, I’ve learnt to recognise signs that tell me when two people might be Twin Flames. It’s one of my favourite topics and that’s why I have dedicated an entire chapter on the incredible love of Twin Flames in my  upcoming book, THE BIGGER PICTURE.

Twin Flames recognise one another through the eyes, as do soul family members and soul mates. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes we recognise our loved ones by their energies. All souls have a spiritual name that is only known in the astral world, and because Twin Flames are one soul, they share the same soul name. Every soul name carries a unique vibration and it’s this vibration that attracts Twin Flames to one another. They recognise and resonate to one another through this familiar energy; it gives them the feeling of being finally home.

They may be different in many ways yet they compliment one another perfectly. They fit together. They are two as one, or rather, one as two.

Written by  Jal Patel

8 Steps to Healing Your Karma Now

Stuck in the throes of life’s less-friendly side? Can you untangle yourself from an emotional web? Can you break a karmic cycle? 

Nobody plans to get stuck, and yet, you find yourself sinking deeper into the quicksand of a personal situation, unable to call out for help—mainly because you perceive your problem as just that—a personal one. The harshest lessons in life come from people closest to you, ones with whom you have invested your time and efforts. Situations that involve loved ones are more personal and challenging to deal with in long term. There is a mental fight here, and it looks like nobody can win because the opponent is a loved one, not an enemy. The dreaded word comes to mind in a situation like this: Karma. This unerring and impersonal force is at work in your life.

Karma, as defined in Webster, reads: the totality of a person’s actions in any of the successive states of his existence thought of as determining his fate in the next.

In other words, whatever you face in this life, good or bad, is the effect of your previous actions in a previous life. Karma is a force composed of electromagnetic energy, and it brings with it the whole works–the dreaded negative planetary alignment in birth charts, the forces of nature working against you, and the harmful radiations that bombard on you. These radiations work to inflate your ego, so you lose your sense of right and wrong.  It is very unfortunate to be in the receiving end of bad karma. It can feel like the Universe is working against you.

Under a spiritual light, a situation persists until the lessons are learnt, or the karma it came to balance out between the people involved, is balanced. Knowing this does not feel any better; if anything, it leaves one feeling more helpless and victimized. LOA (Law of Attraction) states that you need to feel grateful and look at what you have working in your life instead of focusing on what you don’t have. You know this, you know about the positive vibrations and merits of a grateful heart. You know about prayers and karma.

Are you doomed to sink because of karmic debts, because you asked for these lessons as you are on a higher spiritual level (therefore your lessons are tougher), because (God forbid), you deserve it? Or is there a way out of it? Is there a practical and spiritual way that can get you out of this situation? Here are eight practical and powerful insights from SOUL NOTES, Book 1 of my upcoming series THE BIGGER PICTURE in how you can possibly try to break the karmic cords that bind you:

1. It is true that karmic laws restrict you, but it is also true that like every human being, you have a choice of free will. Take a moment to let the enormity of this sink in. You have a choice of free will, thus, you are not a little boat thrust on the torrent seas of life. You can consciously decide to use your free will to choose something better for yourself.

2. You may believe that everything has been happening for a reason in your life, and it has. To some extent, a spiritual person is usually more tolerant and forgiving, but no one is immune to getting hurt. The spiritual person often surrenders his or her will to Divine Universe and accepts his or her fate as a divine condition. However, this is not needed as we have a free will, and aligning our will to Divine Will is more than enough. We are here on earth as co-creators. It is not that we are mere pawns in the game of life–we can change what we do not want, we can choose a better option, but it is not easy. It requires sincerity, courage and heart to forgive. 

3. YOU NEED YOUR POWER BACK IN YOUR LIFE! Your subconscious mind is the super computer that controls everything. Your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, divine powers and all other energies work through the subconscious to influence your surroundings and you. You are the only one not consciously using this immense super power within. You can start to work with it in various ways. One way is to write a letter and state your situation clearly. State that you no longer want to endure this suffering and that you need a solution; a way out. A thought or guidance will show up. What do you want to happen? State this clearly on paper. At night, before falling asleep, you can talk to your subconscious mind and ask it to help you. Churn words of power that you want to see working in your life (peace, love, help). By doing this, you are putting out a request and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

4. The karmic wheel that has set into motion can be stopped, not by ignoring it, but by working with it. If you see negative results in your life, be it in relationships, or physical health, or circumstances—it means that you have set this in motion in a previous life. (It can set in motion in this life in the case of instant karma, but that would mean you are enlightened enough and have a clean karmic slate so that every little negative action you create instantaneously shows up as a negative result). Look at what it is you are facing. Look at it very carefully. Inspect it and meditate on it. What is causing you immense distress and suffering? Look at this factor and know that you have, no doubt, contributed this negative motion through your past actions. You have caused this pain to others, and you decided to go through this in present life so that you can learn how it feels. Seek to balance your karmic debts. For example, if you cannot conceive a child; help other children, or adopt an abandoned child. If you are facing hardships; seek those who are facing a similar situation and assist them in every way you can and so forth. If you help someone today, and that person’s life is much better because of it, you may receive that help in another form through another person in future. Same way, if you may have unknowingly or knowingly (karma is impersonal) have harmed any living being, you will receive this lesson and pay this debt in this life in any form. Start to think about everything that is going against you in the present life and write down what actions you may have taken to create this. Write down steps you can take in life to balance this karma out. If you can go about reprimanding with your heart and soul, results are astonishing!

5. If you share an individual karma with a person, it is most likely a loved one or a close family relation, or a very dear friend. No matter how it appears on the face of it that you are innocent in this particular situation, the bitter truth is that you have set this effect in motion or else you would not be experiencing this conflict. It is certainly the most challenging thing to do, if not nearly impossible. First, you have to take responsibility for whatever that is happening to you right now (I know…the words don’t go down very well do they, in fact, they are stuck in my throat as I think and write them down.) How can we take the responsibility of the adverse situation when we have been innocent victims;  forgiving and so understanding, though very hurt by the behaviour of the other person. The other person has acted unreasonably, has been shockingly insensitive and instigated this situation. I hear you. The truth is, you have done this to the person in your previous life, and maybe you did it because the person did it to you in another life. None of us hold a conscious memory of this, but our subconscious mind remembers everything and is pre-programmed with this. It is a vicious karmic cycle that can be broken by the most enlightened one out of the two, and that must be you at this point. Otherwise, you would not be reading these words. You can, consciously, choose to break this cycle. Meditate on the situation between the two of you, study the negative feelings that you both feel for one another, and what result do you want out of this situation.

6. Focus on how the person and this situation is making you feel? Write down a list of the possible things you may have done to this person in the past that made them feel like you feel at present. Now reverse these situations—visualize yourself in the same situations choosing good actions in place of the negative ones you may have taken against this person that made them feel the way you feel in this life. Visualize the person happy and relieved. Write this list down. Once a day, sit in meditation, conjure up the image of this person, and connect with the person energetically. Ask for forgiveness for all the hurt you have caused this person (even though in present life it is this person causing you immense grief). The key to this is to arrive at a point where you no longer feel any resistance towards this situation. You have harmonized the situation when you feel no negative emotions for this person. At the very least, you will feel neutral for this person, and at the most, you will experience unconditional love because the karmic debt neutralizes and the karmic chain is broken. 

7. Sacred knowledge across the spiritual and religious teachings of the world tell us that we must forgive, to be kind, to take good actions, to consciously refrain from causing pain to any living being, and to practice compassion. Do you see that whatever we put out is, sooner or later, reflected back to us?

8. Raise your vibrations. Highly enlightened individuals manage to break away from the karmic cycle because they rise above karma. The energy of unconditional love vibrates to one of the highest frequencies in the Universe; by meditating and merging with this vibration, you can raise your frequency higher. Raising your vibrations means your energy field starts to vibrate at a faster rate of angstrom units per second. Visualise the blades of fans spinning quicker and thus if mud thrown at it, it simply will not stick. 

Whatever you do in this life, think twice before doing it. If you feel not-so-good after doing it, (your conscience is your inner voice), then change the action then fix it fast. If you are one of the fortunate ones that experience immense fulfillment in present life, do not let your good fruits of the past get to your head and ruin your future. If you are careless about your actions, then you may use up all your good karmic balance in your karmic bank account and have nothing left in the next life! Continue to generate good karma and accumulate blessings. For those who are suffering in this life, you may have opted for a challenging life so that you can evolve to a higher level in the next, but may have personal karma with individuals to settle before you can move to the next level.

It is a time to forgive. A time to heal yourself and your situation. A time to move into the new year with more peace, love, and light. 

Written By Jal Patel

You Will Be Together Again

You will miss her.

You will wake up in the middle of the night remembering she is no longer by your side.

Your stomach will flip. The pang in your chest will suck the air out of your lungs. The pain will wrench your heart emotionally. It will be so strong that it feels like a physical pain.

You will cry relentlessly. Your soul will cry out her name. You will demand to see her face.

You will want her back.

You will feel that this is a mistake. This is not how it was supposed to be. You hope this was a nightmare that you would wake up from to find her next to you—everything the way it was before she left.

She left you abruptly.

There was still so much left to do. These thoughts will make you cry all over again. These thoughts are the most painful ones.

If only you could see her and hold her now. You want more than anything in the world to hold her. To see her smile, to wrap her arms around you and say it is okay.

It feels unfair.

You feel your life is over. You are just going through the motions. You can never truly live without her.

If she could send you her words across, she would tell you that she loves you beyond life itself but she had to go. She would tell you that with a smiling face.

She would tell you that your life is not over.

She would remind you of how much you have to look forward to. She would show you of the blessings to come. Blessings that would make you want to live again.

She would tell you that her time was over. This is what you both had agreed to, very bravely, prior to your arrival on earth.

She changed you. Helped heal you. She gave you courage. It was in preparation for this—so that you could face life without her now.

She spent the most beautiful moments with you.

She came to assist you in your growth. Look how much she helped you transform. You have to make her proud and show her that you are walking on the path that she paved out for you.

You will see her again.

Do not ever doubt that.


You will hold her in your arms again. No one would know when that would be. There are certain things that we can never know.

The Universe works in a mysterious way. This was not an accident.

It was her time to go. You could have done nothing more to save her even if you had tried.

Please know that you will be together one day. In spiritual time it is almost time. In physical time it feels like forever.

This is an interval. It is a part of the play.

Up until that time, she would want to see you happy. She would want to see you living your life purpose and doing what you need to do. She would want to see you picking up the pieces and putting them back together to create another beautiful picture.

She will always be with you, in your heart and in your spirit.

Do you know you meet her during sleep?

You know the times when you felt like you had knocked out? The times when you felt that you could not cope with life without her a minute longer, then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep but woke up feeling stronger?

Those are the times you meet in the astral realm. Don’t worry where and how.

You meet.

You tell her everything, like you used to when she was on earth. She listens and laughs. She guides you to what you should do.

She reminds you of the pact that you both made prior birth—of separation. Of how you have to become stronger and move ahead without her at this point. So you can evolve and become the person that she would be so proud of.

I will not tell you that one day you will forget her.

Because you will not.

You will never forget her.

She is a part of you.

And no one will ask you to forget her.

You have to move ahead with her love in your heart, her invisible hand in your hand, with her by your side in thoughts.

She in the meantime has other things to do too. She is busy fulfilling her plans. You are a part of her and will always be.

You will never forget her, but your pain will heal over time. The memory forgets eventually. But the soul will never forget. The heart will remember.

The minute you remember her, it will be as though she is with you. Her memory will overwhelm you, punch you in the gut. But then it will be gone.

And you will be stronger. That is how you will slowly heal.

For now, take this separation as an interval. Give yourself time.

It will hurt.

Talk to her when it hurts, especially as you fall asleep. Tell her how much you miss her. She will let you know that she hears you. She will let you know that she is still there.

It is okay you can. And the only one who can heal you right now is her. And she will do that. Her love will help you move forward. No one will take her place. Her place in your heart and soul is safe.

Take care of yourself as she would have taken care of you. Don’t force yourself into doing things that you are not yet ready for. Let yourself heal.

The most important thing I can tell you is that you will be together again. For now, life feels unfair.

But find your happiness.

When you feel a little stronger, find your happiness. You have pacts with many other soul mates.

Do not worry about your little ones. They are stronger than you think. They naturally live in the now that helps them heal quicker. They are taken care of and healed during sleep as well. Invisible helpers surround them.

When you miss her too much, cry.

Cry it out it is okay. A part of you went with her. You will never quite be the same. You are now trying to understand this new person that you are. But remember, she also left a part of her with you.

Hold on to that part.

Let the pain heal. Look at those who need you.

But then try to get busy. Live in the now. Take it a day at a time. Slowly, try to keep your mind occupied in the present moment. Do it when you are ready.

Start with little things at a time. Slowly, you will start to become stronger to face life again.

Because you know, you will be together again.

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you otherwise.

Don’t listen to your mind.

Listen to your soul and heart.

Life is temporary. Souls are eternal.

Every blade of grass, every drop of rain, every gust of wind, every swell of tide will tell you—you will be together again.

Trust the Universe and your life plan. Trust that there are no random events in an intelligent Universe.

Live your life for her. Dedicate it to her.

You will be together again.


Written By: Jal Patel
Photo: Dragonfly Tatoo (Click on image for source)

The Real Life

There they go.

Beautiful robots made of flesh and blood.

They are human in every way except for the lack of humanness. Some of them still have it, but keep it covered. They keep it controlled, and drugged and hypnotised so they don’t need to feel, or think, or be. They keep “doing” lots of different things, or the same old things, and in doing they think they are alive. They appear alive. That’s what matters most to them, how they “appear” to others. They rather suffer to appear perfect than to give in to the real. Nothing perfect can be real. The real pearl is gritty against the teeth, unlike synthetic. The real pearl is not a perfect round. It’s all about appearances now. Not about the real things, not about the gory details, the chrysalis, the nine months, the struggle, the sweat and all.

God forbid should they appear anything less than that, or others should catch a glimpse of their humanness. They are good people, most of the lot are actually very good people. It’s sad to see them like that, lost in all those layers like that of an onions’. They must feel suffocated sometimes surely, and confused, and heavy. Heavy from the layers and the baggage. The lucky ones receive a wake-up call, as the piercing alarm shatters their glass houses. The goodness within will wake up, and stir beneath those layers. The light will stir it awake.

You would think this is a good thing right?

Not for them.

For them it’s much or less the same as end of the world. Their friends don’t make it any easier because they genuinely don’t know how to handle the situation. So they avoid the lot like they would a bubonic plague. (Humans without the humanness are not very gracious lot). Like a domino effect, one by one, things start to collapse around them.  Who can explain it to them that what’s collapsing around them is the “fake stuff”. The light within their goodness that radiates from their shattered parts is seeking the highest, purest expression. It will no longer allow them to be happy with anything less.

It’s painful for humans when they wake up to their humanness.

Actually, it is excruciatingly painful.

But then the calm after the storm is something that makes it worthwhile. Have you noticed how everything turns bright, colourful and alive after the rain? Everything is washed clean, dirt scrubbed off and goodness revived.

The real life experience begins when the factory settings have been switched off. With feet on wet grass, eyes focusing on the horizon, sweat trickling on the brow, hands cold with excitement, heart warm with love, spirit unleashed. You are ready to embrace life. The real life. 


By Jal Patel

Photo Source: Dipping the Oar by Joe Lewit

What a Life


It’s unnerving, to say the least, when life hurls out unexpected challenges.

Don’t you wish there were clear signs along our paths, forewarning a ‘Sharp Bend Ahead’, or ‘Steep Hill’, or ‘ Beware of Falling Rocks’, or ‘Danger-Run For Your Life’, or ‘Slippery Road 2 km Ahead’ and maybe even ‘Watch Out for the Swinging Monkeys and Raving Lunatics’. Yes, that would help. A lot. And while we are at it, why not indicate the sharpness of the bend (180° turn – better gear up, 20° turn?- oh, relax), the size of the falling rocks, precisely what kind of danger are we talking about, and are these monkeys or baboons…and so forth.

But instead, we get no warnings.

No time to prepare.

Its sunny one moment and the next…you are in the pit of darkness. Or vice-versa, after long cold winter there is bloom of spring.

If only life was predictable.

If only everything went according to our plans.

But does it ever? And I wonder, can we really ever be prepared? Part of human nature is that no matter how much forewarned or trained, we cannot know exactly how we’ll react, how it feels and how we’ll deal with ‘life’ until we are in its very throes.

So we can never be fully prepared.

What we have on our paths nobody can really tell until it appears.

Be ready, even if you are not prepared, to embrace what life throws at you.

There will be gentle signs along the way in form of hunches, intuitive insights, and synchronicities…that you can pick up if you are calm and mindful.

And then take it as it comes.

It’s really what this journey called life is all about, so enjoy the ride and…take pictures of the monkeys and the falling rocks.

Make these unexpected challenges a part of your adventure!

What a life.

Written By: Jal Patel