What a Life


It’s unnerving, to say the least, when life hurls out unexpected challenges.

Don’t you wish there were clear signs along our paths, forewarning a ‘Sharp Bend Ahead’, or ‘Steep Hill’, or ‘ Beware of Falling Rocks’, or ‘Danger-Run For Your Life’, or ‘Slippery Road 2 km Ahead’ and maybe even ‘Watch Out for the Swinging Monkeys and Raving Lunatics’. Yes, that would help. A lot. And while we are at it, why not indicate the sharpness of the bend (180° turn – better gear up, 20° turn?- oh, relax), the size of the falling rocks, precisely what kind of danger are we talking about, and are these monkeys or baboons…and so forth.

But instead, we get no warnings.

No time to prepare.

Its sunny one moment and the next…you are in the pit of darkness. Or vice-versa, after long cold winter there is bloom of spring.

If only life was predictable.

If only everything went according to our plans.

But does it ever? And I wonder, can we really ever be prepared? Part of human nature is that no matter how much forewarned or trained, we cannot know exactly how we’ll react, how it feels and how we’ll deal with ‘life’ until we are in its very throes.

So we can never be fully prepared.

What we have on our paths nobody can really tell until it appears.

Be ready, even if you are not prepared, to embrace what life throws at you.

There will be gentle signs along the way in form of hunches, intuitive insights, and synchronicities…that you can pick up if you are calm and mindful.

And then take it as it comes.

It’s really what this journey called life is all about, so enjoy the ride and…take pictures of the monkeys and the falling rocks.

Make these unexpected challenges a part of your adventure!

What a life.

Written By: Jal Patel