Birthing Pains

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” ~ Lewis Carroll

So here I am. This year has turned out to be quite bumpy. After a sojourn in India, going back to teaching , doing a Post Graduate in Eduction, and finally completing my book, here I am–whatever that I could carry with me.

When we move from a house or a country we leave some stuff behind, get rid of other things and end up buying new stuff, in the same way parts of us too are lost, divided and multiplied as we travel from one experience in life to another.

We’re not born once, but experience many births throughout life, shedding old skins and growing new ones in the form of habits, perceptions and beliefs, amongst other things. In a nutshell, we’re products of conditioning. If you were removed from your present life and shifted to a a completely new place would you still be the same person? The answer is an obvious no. Old habits, along with old mindset are fizzled out in a new environment as it shakes past conditioning. For anyone who is facing a tough challenge in letting go of a particular mindset or habits should change their environment.

We appear as same people, but we are not the same. We are constantly changing; sometimes becoming less, sometimes more as we move through life. This is the process of life. And just as we are changing, other people are changing too. We seem to think that everyone is the same, only we have changed. Or that only we are the same, and everyone has changed.

I leave you with burning question: since you are not who you were yesterday, who are you then?

Cage for bird
Cage for bird