About Jal Patel



Jal is a qualified Spiritual Coach and Angel Teacher (Diana Cooper Foundation, UK). She is currently working on her two books, a non-fiction spiritual self-help, The Bigger Picture  and The Forty Rules of Life, a parable.

Jal has a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from KIAD, UK and Bachelors in Related Arts, English Literature and Indian Religion Studies from University of Chichester, UK. 

Jal has worked in the Advertising and Publishing business for most of her adult life. She has won several copy-writing awards. She is born and raised in Tanzania, and has recently moved to India. 



2 thoughts on “About Jal Patel

  1. Hi Heart and Soul. Must admit I am a sceptic. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things paranormal and observing life. Writing is a passion that keeps me alive and sane! Great to meet you. The Foureyed Poet.


    1. Thank you Malctg. We all are on different paths and we all walk in our own shoes, so each one his or her own. We all have a right to express and experience our own journey and it is always interesting to see the world through other people’s eyes too. Thanks for getting in touch.


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