A Collection of 10 Poems



A collection of 10 Poems

by Jal Patel

I love poetry. I always have. I don’t sit down to write these words; they simply get hold of me. The words flow smoothly like that. Some are new; some are old. “Inspire” was written a few days back, and “Sacred Fire”, 26 years ago. Poetry for me is more than just words; it has a melody, fragrance, taste, a touch, and a feeling. I love the fact how poems communicate to every individual on a personal level and become an intimate conversation between the two that a third person will never know.

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Let me fall like a tear

from your eyes

Still burning and tasting of you

And as I fall let me rise

Like the sun from your eyes

igniting, uniting, merging

back into you


 ~My Sacred Fire~

Like a pearl

I sink to the depths of your soul

And with my naked palms

Your naked heart I hold

Trust me, I whisper

My eyes in yours, yours in mine

I don’t hold any poison, I don’t hide a knife

In your soul I polish your gold

I am not a thief, I am not a liar

So throw your doubts

In my sacred fire


 ~Not Meant To Be~

What more could I have done

I  have laid my life down

for the friend to walk on

I  have ripped my heart

and let it bleed

And it makes no difference

When it is not meant to be

Nothing you do is ever enough


 ~Hope is Eternal~

Hope is eternal my friend

Never loose hope

To have hope is to have faith

in the Universe

As long as you hold on to hope

There is a possibility

of a way appearing

Where there is no way



O what irony!

And the universe laughs

To see what lengths

Those who love are willing to take

To become so heartless.


~Open Your Heart~

Open your hands

when asking for something

How will you receive anything

with closed fists?

Open your heart

when asking for something

How will you receive anything

with a closed heart?

If you’re not willing

to open your hands

or your heart

You might as well not ask.


 ~Eternal Being~

Ego worries about beginnings and endings

for the soul

there are no endings and no beginnings

You are an eternal being

Every good moment spent yesterday

Is just a thought away

And tomorrow is already a part of today

Begin the year rooted in the centre of your being

In your power,

in this knowing


~Still Yours~

What a world

like a child’s playhouse

where everything can be bought and sold

with few pieces of paper and gold

What belongs to you?

It is all an illusion

real possessions are that of soul

that what you came with

that what you take

when you go.

Why do you cry then?

What was yours is

still yours



In love

there is no place for ego

If there is ego

There is not enough love

The fire of pure love

Is too sacred

For anything else other than love

To remain

Everything else must burn

to ashes



A journey is made step by step

The same way as life is made

moment by moment

Leave a part of you for others to find

When they walk that way




 © 2016 Jal Patel