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Your Happy Place


We set out to LIVE a beautiful life, but somewhere between survival and the pursuit for happiness we forget to live altogether. 

As unbelievable as it sounds, it happens to even the best of us. Certainly, there are many reasons why this happens, but the main cause is our disconnection with who we are—the part that not only thinks but feels. You know very well the part I am referring to.

The thing about getting caught up in this trap is that you do not realize you are caught until you are out of it. This is when you realize what you have been doing wrong for far too long. You have been running away from yourself, and you have been looking in the wrong places because it all starts from inside of you.

This is the place where you feel at peace and one with yourself. How do you arrive at this place? Not by train, or a car or by foot—if that is what you were thinking. It is not a location. A happy place is not even as fickle as a state of mind because a state is something that fluctuates. A happy place is a space that you find yourself in, energetically, mentally and emotionally. A little part of it is to do with acceptance of turn of events in your life. A larger part of it is to do with embracing life, and embracing yourself and living your life from a pro-active, positive space. It is about following your heart, and being grateful, and about living from a space of love.

What we often forget is this: Our universe and everything else, including us, are made up of energy. We are energetic beings. We forget that we are in charge of our experiences in real-time, as they take place because we can control our energetic space, and therefore, change the quality of our experiences.

It is a space that you carry around with you no matter where you are, and it is a space that you live from. It is not a fake state or acting like you are happy, or laughing loudly so that you appear happy. You cannot find it in a person, a place or an experience unless you have found it in yourself first.  Your happy place is not so far out of reach. Once you plug into this stream, you will experience your life turning around. There may be scientific explanations and spiritual insights to it, but for now just know that you have been here many times, and you have reached here effortlessly but unconsciously. You can arrive at this place consciously if you choose to get out of the rut you have put yourself in, and break the walls around your heart. You feel unhappy because of a chemical imbalance but once you are plugged in, your subconscious mind creates the balance that you need by releasing the happy hormones.

You will find yourself in a good place when you accept who you are (and if you can’t, then change yourself –who is stopping you?). Stop fighting with yourself and everything around you. The chains on your feet are imaginary. Take everything lightly (everything means every single thing that has happened to you so far in life, including mistakes, failures, and all the crap), and finally, learn how to live with who you are.

Like Alice, you cannot go back to yesterday because you are not the same person you used to be. You are not half of what you used to be yesterday, and you are not half of what you can be tomorrow. In life, there are no rules except for one rule, and that is to live it. That is why you are here in the first place. Begin by accepting your life the way it is, and from here move forward to where you want to be. Go after what you want, direct your life with your mind. Once you are connected, you will know what to do and where to go, and your life will flow more smoothly than it has for years.

Keep on trying until you find yourself in that happy place, and trust me, you will know you have found it, and once you do, you will never want to let it go.


Written by Jal Patel

Photo Source: My Happy Place by Jal Patel

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Embrace Your Life

The new year brings with it new hopes, new promises, and new dreams. There is something hugely exciting in welcoming the new.

At the stroke of twelve, you hope everything will magically change for you as it did for Cinder-ella. Cut to a week later, you realise things still pretty much feel the same. Yes, they pretty much will because change is an inside job.

If everything around you changes then why is it that you are stuck? It is not the same day, the weather has changed, the market prices have changed, the world has changed, and dammit…a white hair today, so yes, you have physically changed too! Emotionally though, you are still hanging in the same space.

The truth is that if you cannot make the change from inside; you cannot see the change on the outside. If you do the same things you did yesterday, you will get the exact same results today.

To get results in the area that most interests you, you will have to do things differently and on a consistent basis. Only then can you see a change by choice rather than by default.

To improve quality time with your children, for instance, you may dedicate twenty minutes of your time to read to them every alternate night, or hear them read. You may want to take up an activity with them every week, and hug them more, ask them more questions and listen to them talk.

If you are looking to shake things up a bit, say you hope for a new project, then don’t stay rooted in the same space. Bring in new energy into your life. Invite it in by changing your daily routine

Take your dog out for a walk on a different route. Attend a new gathering, host a dinner, travel to a new place, change your hairstyle, and take up an activity such as a new class or a workshop. Do something new and exciting, but for God’s sake don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen! 

To see results in your physical body and health got to show the Universe you mean business by taking an initiative and giving up a bad habit. Start drinking warm water with lime and honey first thing in the morning, have a sauna once a week, hit the gym, listen to uplifting music, maybe even dance more…put the effort and see what happens. The energy in your life rearranges itself.

For more peace in your life, sit quietly in a thought-free state for a few minutes every morning, or meditate every evening, take up yoga, cleanse and protect your energy field, do more chanting. Become peaceful. Reach out for peace and you will find it. 

You can always strive to be kinder, and serving. Smile more. Serve more. Listen more. Love more. 

If you are not happy with the effect, change the cause.

Change is scary. Especially the type that forces you out of your comfort zone. Most of us rather suffer than change because it is easier that way. There is a price for everything, and most of us are not willing to pay that price. You simply just fight with whatever it is you don’t like in your life and avoid making a decision as long as possible and so deny the responsibility that comes with it. As children, you got away with this, but as an adult, you must take responsibility for your life. You have a choice of free-will and it is your divine right to exercise it.

The first and foremost thing you must do is change your energy. You will notice that many things start to change on the outside when you begin to change your energy on the inside. Most things that you want in your life can be ‘pulled’ towards you in this way.

The second most powerful tool is the power of intent. Hold an intention of what it is that you want in your life. If you can see it, you can achieve it. If you can believe it, you can conceive it. The Universe operates in energies, frequencies and vibrations. You are not as meek as you sometimes think you are. Everything you see and experience in your world is projected outwards from your personal intentions, your core blueprint and your energy. Hold the intention in every area in your life that you want to see change.

The third thing you can do is seek help. You have been asking for help, but you have no idea how you will get it. Keep your eyes and ears, heart and mind open to the help that is around you. The Universe sends you to help not when you need it, but when you ask for it. It will appear in your life, and you will recognise it by its calling. You will feel pushed towards it by the Universe (people will recommend it, a friend may make your way toward it, etc.) or you will feel a pull towards it (you will have a constant nudge inside you to go to it, you will see relating material pop up everywhere).

Sometimes when things feel like they are falling apart, it may be a clear sign that it is time for a change. Life comes with lessons and when it is time for lessons people automatically go into an N (neutral) mode. Your soul is telling you that you still have lessons to learn, karma to pay. You will naturally cultivate the tolerance that is needed to bear the situation. When things become unbearably uncomfortable, it is almost like the Universe is kicking and pushing you out of the situation. It is time to go; it is time for a change. The Universe often makes you unbearably uncomfortable when it wants you to change the situation position when it wants you to take an action.

Whatsoever it is in this year of 2016, know that it is up to you. Be mindful and be here, and do what needs to be doing, so that you can have the results that you wish to have. For that, you need a few things, like love, and peace and hope. But most of all, you need the courage to embrace your life.

Written by Jal Patel

Photo Source: Happy Feet by Jal Patel