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Love Made In Heaven

Do you believe in the unconditional, timeless, sacred type of love? Can love like this exist amidst a modern day culture of impatience and instant gratification? 

The Twin flame phenomenon is all about this unbreakable soul connection between two human beings.

Only true love can open our hearts, bring us the ultimate lesson, and teach us to move beyond body consciousness and ego. It’s only through sacrifice and love that our souls sanctify. Love, whether romantic, for our children, for the nation, or for a cause—has the power to move us from self to selflessness; to move us beyond our physical body and touch a higher consciousness.

Plato wrote about Twin Souls 2,500 years ago. Linda Goodman wrote about Twin Souls in her books decades ago, before the time of the internet. Rumi penned the essence of this kind of spiritual love in his poetry. This is the kind of love that the world has known, and witnessed time and time again, and mistook its intensity for insanity. Its origins are not studied carefully enough so this sort of love is often spurned as a romantic notion. Why does then the heart-wrenching, soul-stirring love of these lovers that we often see depicted in films and books deeply touch us?

In some way, we all relate to this sort of love, and long for it, whether consciously or unconsciously. We’ve experienced this longing for the other half now and then, we’ve searched that part of us in the eyes of soul mates around us. Those of us, who are destined to meet our halves in a present lifetime experience this deep longing and pull incredibly more than the rest of us. This is simply because if one twin has incarnated on earth at the same time as the other, both will sense it at a deeper level and always be aware of each other, no matter who they are and where they might be.

The love that the world has tried to stop, reject and sometimes dishonour, has often ended up as a tragedy that has stirred the hearts of many. Love like this will naturally face hardships and opposition because it does not belong to this world; it’s not of this world. It’s love made in heaven.

Twin Flames recognise one another through the eyes, as do soul family members and soul mates. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes we recognise our loved ones by their energies. All souls have a spiritual name that is only known in the astral world, and because Twin Flames are one soul, they share the same soul name. Every soul name carries a unique vibration and it’s this vibration that attracts Twin Flames to one another. They recognise and resonate to one another through this familiar energy; it gives them the feeling of being finally home.

They may be different in many ways yet they compliment one another perfectly. They fit together. They are two as one, or rather, one as two.