The Bedside Book of Life



What category of books does The Bedside Book of Life fall into? The Bedside Book of Life falls into the spiritual self-help category, or what Oprah would describe as the super-soulful variety, the kind that one turns to again and again for inspiration, companionship, and to move from darkness into light. 

What is the book about?  The Bedside Book of Life is about seeing the hidden spiritual scheme of things, what fundamentally is the bigger picture that is lost in the mayhem of life, and one that we fail to see. It is a guide to helping the reader see the “wood for the trees”, or to use the author’s own analogy from the book, “picking up the sugar from the sand”. 

How does this book promise to help the reader?   The Bedside Book of Life is a book that the reader can turn to for solace, motivation and guidance in times of need. It promises to help the reader put his or her life back into perspective every single time, something needed in this world of illusions. 

Who is the book for? The book is for those who enjoy reading spiritual books or want to know more about the spiritual world. However, those that will truly find this book beneficial are those that have faced a loss, are depressed, seek hope and meaning in their lives, those that need encouragement and inspiration. As one reviewer writes, “It is complex material and Jal does an amazing job making it accessible”, the author has made sure the language is simple with no jargons, and to provide a glossary for some technical words used. She has presented the work in bite-sized chunks, each with a sub-heading which makes it for easy reading and comprehension. Another Unique Selling Point for this book is the author’s style of writing, which is easy and conversational, giving an impression to the reader that he or she is sitting in conversation with a loving friend or a wise well-wisher. 

When is it out? We are aiming for December 2018 release. 

Where can it be purchased at? You can purchase it on Amazon. The book will be available on order in most of the major bookstores around the world, and will be available in major bookstores in India. 

Offer on Amazon: When you purchase it on Amazon, you can write a review. Once you have posted a review of the book on the book link, take a screenshot of the review and post it to, along with your Whatsapp number. Jal will write to you or call you to personally chat with you about any 1 question you might have about your life. 

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