The Bedside Book of Life



Consider this book as a tour into the spiritual scheme of life showing you the intricate pattern of the bigger picture as it unfolds and how it all adds up.

Begin to understand what is in your hands to change, and what it is that you must gracefully accept and why. This book can bring you courage, comfort and clarity. Most importantly, it will help you find your missing pieces, heal your past and inspire you to make the best of your life.

Just beyond the seen is the unseen – and we are going to find that.

“Jal has written a virtual encyclopaedia of spirituality encompassing the Spiritual Laws as well as the laws of life. She introduces angels, masters, and many spiritual subjects. An excellent read, and a book to treasure and constantly refer to. I recommend it.”
(DIANA COOPER, Best-Selling Author)
“This book is a guide to remembering who we are, why we are here, and why it matters. It could not come at a more critical time in our individual lives and in the life of humanity. The Bedside Book of Life makes the invisible visible, and by doing so, it offers to the reader that which is in dire and desperate need – hope in hopeless times.”
(ANDREW HARVEY, Teacher and Best-Selling Author)

About the Book:

What genre of books does The Bedside Book of Life fall into? 

The book belongs to the spiritual self-help category, or what Oprah would describe as the super-soulful variety.

What is the book about?  

The book is about seeing the hidden spiritual scheme of things, or the bigger picture of life.

How does this book promise to help the reader? 

The reader will be a little happier, a little more wiser, a little more peaceful for having read the book. It promises to put things back in perspective for the reader every single time.

 As one reviewer writes, “It is complex material and Jal does an amazing job making it accessible”, the author has made sure the language is simple with no jargons, and to provide a glossary for some technical words used. She has presented the work in bite-sized chunks, each with a sub-heading which makes it for easy reading and comprehension. Another Unique Selling Point for this book is the author’s style of writing, which is easy and conversational, giving an impression to the reader that he or she is sitting in conversation with a loving friend or a wise well-wisher. 

Where can it be purchased at? 

The book will be available on Amazon and across some bookstores. The reader is requested to support the author by leaving a comment or a review on the book link on Amazon when it is purchased.